Stellar-mass Black Hole Birds – GIFs

This image shows the same black hole bird cartoon character in a variety of poses. The character is a round black bird, representing a black hole, with an orange beak, two round eyes, two small horn-shaped ear tufts on top of their head, small wings on either side, and narrow stick-like legs. The first animation starts as just a black circle, then eyes, wings, ears, legs and a beak pop out, revealing the black hole bird character. The second animation shows the black hole bird fluttering its wings and spinning around. The third has the black hole bird dancing with fluttering wings and bouncing up and down. Finally, the last animation starts with the black hole bird flapping its wings, then it spins around, disappearing into the background. There is text below each image with a couple of words or a phrase describing each pose.
April 11, 2023
CreditNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Historical DateFebruary 28, 2022
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These little black hole birds are a fun-loving bunch! They're happy by themselves or orbiting with a friend.