The Traveler

This image shows the same blue cartoon character in a variety of poses. The character, called The Traveler, has one eye and an antenna on the top of their head, and they are wearing a green spacesuit and a bubble-shaped clear helmet. In the top row, there are two poses with the Traveler using a pair of binoculars, one with them taking a photo, and another with them looking outward with their mouth in an “o.” In the second row, their poses include one where they hold a flag that says “I heart black holes,” another where they are looking up and to the right, floating, another where they are waving, and another with both their arms and one leg up as if jumping for joy. The third row has two poses where the Traveler has their hands near their face marveling over something, another where they are pointing to the right, and one where they are reading a book about black holes. The fourth row has another pose with them reading a book, but this time looking out with amazement, another pair of poses where they are running to the right, one of those holding a suitcase plastered with illegible stickers, and one with them standing and smiling. Finally, the fifth row has three poses, one with them holding a suitcase staring outward, another with sunglasses over their one eye, and the final pose looking up to the right with their mouth in an “o.” There is text below each image with a couple of words or a phrase describing each pose.
April 11, 2023
CreditNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Historical DateFebruary 28, 2022
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This little character can't wait to travel all over the universe, and since they clearly can't be convinced otherwise, we need to help them stay safe. This character is defined by boundless enthusiasm, a bit of naivete, and a childlike love of exploration and discovery. They also prefer being referred to as "they/them."