UV/Visible Composite Images of Tycho Crater on the Moon

Three images of a crater observed in different kinds of light
July 9, 2018
Historical DateFebruary 28, 1994
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Three images of Tycho crater and its central peak, located at 43 S, 11 W, on the Moon. These pictures were produced by using different filtered images from the UV/visible camera on the Clementine spacecraft. The images from the UV/visible camera were used to produce the composite image on the right using the red, green, and blue filters. The image in the center is a color composite formed using the ratio of different filters where red is 750 nm/415 nm, green is 750 nm/1000 nm, and blue is 415 nm/750 nm. The image on the left shows the ratio 750 nm/1000 nm. Different combinations of filters are used to expose different types of material on the surface. Tycho crater is 102 km in diameter and north is up. (Clementine, USGS slide 14)