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Supporting the Science Activation community in the use of a community workspace.

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Team Mission

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Education and Public Engagement team collaborates with its partners to make current Earth and planetary science content available to all audiences. We engage diverse audiences by providing space science experiences at a variety of venues. Through our efforts, we strive to foster lifelong learning and a commitment to science by the public in our local community, region, and nation.

The mission of the LPI is to advance understanding of the solar system by providing exceptional science, service, and inspiration to the world. This philosophy is the foundation of the LPI’s Education and Public Engagement group as it assists the NASA SMD community in its efforts to share its expertise and content to all learners.

Dr. Louise Prockter

Dr. Louise Prockter

Director, Lunar and Planetary Institute

What does your team hope to achieve?

LPI is proud to provide assistance to the Science Activation community in the utilization of the community workspace. We strive to help all users become proficient in their use of the workspace and to be responsive to questions and issues as they arise.

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