Fiske Planetarium

May 31, 2017
Photo of man wearing special glasses for sky watching with mountains in the background

Team Mission

Produce short video features that inform and excite audiences while highlighting NASA missions. Distribute these to planetariums all over the US in 360 degree (full-dome, surround) format.

Our goals include that a large and diverse audience will increase their knowledge of how space and NASA affect their lives. We want to inspire students from a variety of backgrounds to recognize opportunities to pursue science as an interest or a career. We also want to inspire audiences to appreciate beauty and wonder of space and the discoveries presented.

What does your team hope to achieve?

Inspire a large and diverse group of students to think that science, particularly space and earth sciences, are exciting and a career possibility. Help them find the science exciting. Allow them to see role models to whom they can relate.

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Check out Drought Under the Ground - NASA's GRACE Mission

Fiske Planetarium produces short videos designed for use in planetariums and are available for free download.

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