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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Astrogeology Planetary Photogrammetry Lab offers a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and orthorectified image production service to the scientific community to supply NASA-selected investigators with high-quality HiRISE DTMs and orthorectified HiRISE images. This effort replaces the “Photogrammetry Guest Facility” formerly operated by the USGS Astrogeology Science Center. This service is funded directly by NASA and is offered at no charge to NASA-selected investigations through the ROSES program. Principal Investigators who submit proposals through ROSES that include the production of a HiRISE DTM by the USGS should clearly indicate this intention in the Proposal Summary, as well as in the text of the proposal. Learn more


Community-Identified Data Needs

This list of community-identified data sets in need of preservation and restoration:

List as of November 1, 2021

NOTE: Since this list may be referenced in ROSES program elements, the listed information will be preserved on this page when updated.

  • Venera lander raw data (submitted by VEXAG)


To submit suggested additions to this list, please contact the relevant NASA Analysis and Assessment Group. You can find more information about these groups, here: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/analysis/.


Upcoming Planetary Data Trainings


This NASA-funded project will host a series of training workshops for students, new community members, and underrepresented individuals to learn to use NASA planetary data to conduct planetary science research.  The workshops are hosted by four former nodes of the recently-retired Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) Network (Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies, Arizona State University; Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility, Cornell University; Astrolink, Astrogeology Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff; and Space Imagery Center, University of Arizona).  The workshops will occur both at our institutions and at two national conferences each year:  the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (The Woodlands, Houston, Texas) and the Geological Society of America annual meeting (Denver in 2022, Pittsburgh in 2023).  Year 1 (2022-2023) training events will focus on working with orbital images of terrestrial planets (e.g., Moon, Mars) in software packages such as ArcGIS™, JMARS, and ISIS3, whereas in Year 2 training events will be expanded to include planetary photogrammetry (SOCET SET, Ames Stereo Pipeline) and planetary data management.  Curriculum will be different for different workshops.  For all workshops, there will be two scholarships available for members of underrepresented communities to cover travel expenses and registration fees to participate in the workshops.


Saturday, October 8, 2022:  Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS (GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado)

NOTE:  You must be registered for and attend the GSA meeting to participate in the workshop (it is a GSA Short Course).

The DEADLINE for scholarship application is August 10, 2022, and we will notify recipients on August 17.

GSA Short Course Listings
GSA Registration

NOTE:  INFORMAL VIRTUAL attendance to this workshop is planned.  This means you will contact the instructor directly at spif@astro.cornell.edu to register and there will be a Zoom meeting to join. We will have a co-teacher on Zoom and you will be able to hear the instructor and see the slides. If you attend virtually, you DO NOT need to register through GSA, so remote participation is FREE, and GSA is not supporting this remote option in any way. If the GSA short course is canceled because of lack of registrants, the workshop will still be run virtually.


January 2023:  Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS Pro (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York)

March 2023:   Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS Pro (54th LPSC, Houston, Texas) 

May 2023:  Working with Planetary Images in ArcGIS, JMARS, and ISIS3 (Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona)

August 2023:  Working with Planetary Images in ArcGIS, JMARS, and ISIS3 (Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona)

October 2023:  Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS Pro (GSA Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Planetary Stereo Photogrammetry Training (using SOCET SET and Ames Stereo Pipeline)

Planetary Data Management 

Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS Pro

Working with Planetary Images in ArcGIS, JMARS, and ISIS3