Videos & Animations

A small helicopter sits on the surface of Mars

NASA Science Live: Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Tribute & Legacy

With 72 successful flights, NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter far surpassed its originally planned technology demonstration of up to five flights. Learn more about the legacy of this historic mission.

A grey textured surface is shown with 13 different location pins dropped throughout. The text "THE STORIES MARS ROCK SAMPLES COULD TELL" is overlain on the surface.

Mars Rock Samples: The Stories They Could Tell

Discover the secrets that we could unravel by studying Mars samples in state-of-the-art labs on Earth.

Artist concept of sample return rocket launching from Mars

Bringing Mars Rock Samples Back to Earth

Learn how NASA and the European Space Agency are developing plans for bringing the first samples of Mars material safely back to Earth.

This selfie was taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. Varying shades of red and brown rocks are visible below a dusty atmosphere.

What NASA's Curiosity Rover Has Learned in Over 10 Years of Exploring

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover set out to answer a big question when it landed on the Red Planet more than 10 years ago: Could Mars have supported ancient life?


drawing of a waveform emanating from planet Mars

Sounds of Mars

Ever wonder how you would sound on Mars? Grab your headsets, turn up the volume and listen for the subtle differences between the sounds on Earth versus how they would sound on Mars.

Four thin curved lines are shown at the left, changing in color from light blue to dark blue. The text "on a mission" is written at the bottom. The NASA logo is positioned at the upper right.

Digging In: When Rovers Get Dirt on Mars

Learn about rover drilling on Mars in this episode of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's "On a Mission" podcast.

Wheel on Perseverance rover rotating in an animation

Audio from Perseverance

What does a Martian dirt devil sound like? Or a rover driving on Mars? Immerse yourself on Mars by listening to these sounds and more!