Status Updates

Progress in Responding to PDE IRB Recommendations


Develop the Planetary Data Ecosystem

  • CURRENT ACTION: PSD working group is identifying appropriate path to bring together a community-led group as identified by the PDE IRB. The first step will be for the community-led group to assist with further development of the PDE concept.
  • CURRENT ACTION: PSD will develop a webpage on dedicated to providing a centralized location for content about planetary data, including the current definition of the Ecosystem, its elements, and information on how PSD is addressing the PDE IRB recommendations.


Address Data Preservation Needs

  • CURRENT ACTION: PSD currently supports radar data analysis, publication, and archiving of Arecibo data at the PDS SBN. PSD has initiated meetings between the SBN and the Arecibo, JPL, and Goldstone radar groups to coordinate formats and processes among their substantial radar data archiving efforts.
  • CURRENT ACTION: PSD is actively working preservation of mission-supported laboratory analyses of returned sample material for thhe OSIRIS-REx mission. PSD will use this specific effort to identify and possibly address the broader needs of PSD laboratory sample data curation.


Address Barriers to Data Use and Development

  • CURRENT ACTION: PSD working group completing internal information call of existing trainings and similar activities.


Other Recommendations

  • CURRENT ACTION: Specific response from NASA addressing ALL recommendations to include current status, anticipated timeline to address (if applicable), and potential future plans.