Black Hole Week Overview

About Black Hole Week

Black Hole Week was established in 2019 because black holes capture the public’s imagination in a way that few other cosmic objects do. By taking a whole week, we have the opportunity to go into more depth on social media than we can with just a single post or in a single day. The timing jumped around for the first couple of years, but we have now settled on the first full week of May.

postcard with text reading "Meet me at the Event Horizon"
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Black Hole Week is a celebration of these mysterious balls of gravity. We invite all organizations who participate in black hole research to join us in talking black holes, whether through news features, video content, or social media content. We also love to see individuals sharing their love of black holes on social media through social posts, videos, crafts, and art.

Everyone is welcome at the event horizon! Just don’t get pulled in.

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