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  • JPL Education Website

    The JPL Education website offers an extensive catalog of standards-aligned STEM lessonsDIY student projects, and other educational resources. Designed for K-12 classroom teachers, informal educators, parents, and students, the resources cover a wide range of STEM concepts in the context of the latest missions and science at NASA and JPL — the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system. JPL Education also offers educator workshops, webinars, and other educational events and programs, which can be found on its events calendar.

    Check out their black hole content.

  • Universe of Learning

    NASA’s Universe of Learning aims to engage learners of all ages and backgrounds in exploring the universe for themselves. Leveraging the NASA Astrophysics mission data and experts, they create a range of videos, activities, facilitator guides, data experiences, and professional development resources. Their expertise and direct connections allow them to create innovative projects and design novel approaches to engage learners in the secrets of the cosmos.

    Check out their black hole content.

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