Workforce Study Recommendations and Actions

Career Paths CP-1 Adopt the nomenclature of the 5 career tracks identified COMPLETE – Ongoing use & improve as needed.
CP-2 Develop a web-based Career Path tool  COMPLETE - Launched in Spring 2022 - See tool at:
Leadership Development  LD-1 Develop a virtual agency-led enhanced orientation for newly hired scientists COMPLETE - Held pilot Early Career workshop in May 2022 - See web page at: Future offerings coming soon.
LD-2 Develop a virtual series of “Career Opportunities” workshops for mid-careerists  COMING SOON - Mid-career Workshop to be piloted in FY23 Qtr 2.
LD-3 Develop a rotational program for scientists ONGOING - Pilot program launched in Septemeber 2022. Lessons learned to be collected after initial pilot.  See web page at:
LD-4 Establish entry-level, part-time supervisory roles that are time-limited COMPLETE - Best practices compiled for organizations to utilize.
LD-5 Partner with OCHCO to review the science development needs and work towards a comprehensive strategy for leadership development for the science community ONGOING - The implementation team identified barriers and gaps for leadership development for scientists and offered strategies to mitigate them. They recommended 10 development themes important for science leaders.  Based on their work, the team developed and proposed a structured leadership development program for NASA scientists, which is currently under review.  
LD-6 Use the Agency’s Science Council to share workforce and leadership best practices COMPLETE - Expanded NASA Science Council to include both lab partners (JPL and APL); Established a liaison to the Council for sharing workforce best practices.
Project Scientist PS-1 Codify roles/responsibilities/authorities/accountability (RRAA) of Project Scientists (PS)  ONGOING - A cross-agency team has defined the roles and responsibilities for Project Scientists for Strategic missions.  The team is still determining the best place to document the codification of the role.
PS-2 Wherever possible, ensure a Deputy Project Scientist (DPS) is funded for missions COMPLETE - This is being done when practical.  
PS-3 Develop a Project Scientist training course ONGOING - The team has researched existing training programs and identified gaps in development for Project Scientists.  Since this effort is linked to Recommendation LD-5, the team is awaiting the outcome of a possible scientist leadership development program.