2012 Senior Review of Operating Missions

NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) periodically conducts comparative reviews of Mission Operations and Data Analysis (MO&DA) programs to maximize the scientific return from these programs within finite resources. The acronym "MO&DA" encompasses operating missions, data analysis from current and past missions, and supporting science activities. NASA uses the findings from these comparative reviews to define an implementation strategy and give programmatic direction to the missions and projects concerned for the next four fiscal years. The last two years are for planning purposes only and will be revisited in the 2014 Senior Review.

The Astrophysics Division held the 2012 Senior Review in February and March. A panel was convened to review: Chandra, Fermi, Hubble, Kepler, Planck, Suzaku, Swift, Spitzer and XMM-Newton. For additional information on this review process, please see:

The panel reports and the NASA response document for the 2012 Senior Review are provided below. For other Senior Review Reports, please visit the Astrophysics Documents page.

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