Geospace Dynamics Constellation


The GDC STDT is composed of members of the Heliophysics science and technical community. Applications for membership on the STDT were solicited by NASA via a public community announcement and the STDT was convened in May 2018.

Comments or input for the STDT should be submitted via the public comments page.

Science and Technology Definition Team​

  • Jared Leisner, Executive Secretary - NASA HQ
  • Allison Jaynes - University of Iowa
  • Aaron Ridley - University of Michigan
  • Tomoko Matsuo - University of Colorado Boulder
  • Larisa Goncharenko - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Cora Randall - University of Colorado Boulder
  • James Clemmons - The Aerospace Corporation
  • Roderick Heelis - University of Texas at Dallas
  • Gang Lu - National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Martin Mlynczak - NASA Langley Research Center
  • Robert Pfaff - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Rebecca Bishop - The Aerospace Corporation
  • Cynthia Cattell - University of Minnesota
  • Lynette Gelinas - The Aerospace Corporation
  • Brian Anderson - Johns Hopkins University
  • Stuart Bale - University of California, Berkeley
  • Hyunju Connor - University of Alaska
  • Eftyhia Zesta - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members

  • Jeff Morrill, Living with a Star Program Scientist - NASA HQ
  • Joseph Smith, Living with a Star Program Scientist - NASA HQ
  • Dennis Gallagher, STDT Scientific and Technical Liaison - NASA HQ
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