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NASA’s Psyche Fires Up Its Sci-Fi-Worthy Thrusters

4 min read

The spacecraft already is beyond the distance of Mars and is using ion propulsion to accelerate toward a metal-rich asteroid, where it will orbit and collect science data. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft passed its six-month checkup with a clean bill of…

Article3 days ago

NASA’s Optical Comms Demo Transmits Data Over 140 Million Miles

6 min read

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment also interfaced with the Psyche spacecraft’s communication system for the first time, transmitting engineering data to Earth. Riding aboard NASA’s Psyche spacecraft, the agency’s Deep Space Optical Communications technology demonstration continues to break records.…

Article1 month ago

NASA’s Tech Demo Streams First Video From Deep Space via Laser

5 min read

The video, featuring a cat named Taters, was sent back from nearly 19 million miles away by NASA’s laser communications demonstration, marking a historic milestone. NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment beamed an ultra-high definition streaming video on Dec. 11…

Article5 months ago

NASA’s Psyche Delivers First Images and Other Data

5 min read

The mission team has celebrated several successes since its launch from Kennedy Space Center on Oct. 13. The latest is the operation of the spacecraft’s cameras. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft is on a roll. In the eight weeks since it left…

Article6 months ago

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Comm Demo Sends, Receives First Data

6 min read

DSOC, an experiment that could transform how spacecraft communicate, has achieved ‘first light,’ sending data via laser to and from far beyond the Moon for the first time. NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment has beamed a near-infrared laser…

Article6 months ago

NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft, Optical Comms Demo En Route to Asteroid

0 min read

NASA’s Psyche spacecraft is on its voyage to an asteroid of the same name, a metal-rich world that could tell us more about the formation of rocky planets. Psyche successfully launched 10:19 a.m. EDT Friday aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy…

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