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By Paige Arthur

Psyche Team Blog

Last Glimpse

"I dressed in the dark, donning blue jeans and my brand-new purple polo, the words “Psyche Launch Team” embroidered proudly below my left shoulder. I complemented the attire with my gold rocket ship earrings — if there was ever a time to wear them, it was today."

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Workers stand under the Psyche spacecraft
Paige Arthur and a coworker conduct an electrical integration procedure beneath the Psyche spacecraft.
Courtesy Paige Arthur

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An illustration of the Psyche spacecraft in space with its solar panels extended.

NASA Facts


Exploring a Metal-Rich World

Asteroid Psyche has remained largely a mysterious point of light in the distance. Scientists know its location, size, and something about its composition – likely rich in metal. But there’s much that they don’t know about the asteroid’s origins. NASA’s Psyche mission aims to find out.

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This artist's-concept illustration depicts the spacecraft of NASA's Psyche mission near the mission's target, the metal asteroid Psyche.

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Arizona State University is leading the Psyche mission for NASA

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