Ways to Participate

Check out some of the many ways to get involved with NASA's Psyche mission.


Get Involved!

From NASA and Arizona State University

A split image with an illustration of the Psyche spacecraft on top, and a hand holding a pencil and drawing the spacecraft on a sketch pad on the bottom.

Draw Your Own Psyche Spacecraft

Learn about the Psyche mission to explore an asteroid that may be the remnant of a planet's core. Then draw and decorate your own model of Psyche using these step-by-step instructions.

Illustration of asteroid Psyche with other asteroids nearby

Psyche Inspired

Psyche Inspired is an Arizona State University program that brings undergraduate students together to share the excitement, innovation, and scientific and engineering content of NASA’s Psyche mission with the public in new ways through artistic and creative works. 

Four images stitched together to show different ways of exploring objects in space.

How to Explore an Asteroid

A lesson to help students better understand the process of designing space missions.

A black and white version of the logo for NASA's Psyche mission. It's a square with a logo inside.

Download Psyche Badges and Logos

The Psyche mission “badge” was first developed in 2016, before the mission was selected for NASA’s Discovery Program.

Several model asteroids on a table with a wooden implement in front of them


Everyone inspired by the Psyche mission is invited to submit their creative works! Your creation can be in any medium that can be shared online.

Collage of images and a logo for the NASA Space Apps Challenge

NASA Space Apps Challenge

Your challenge is to create a Psyche-themed party package that engages learners of all ages in hands-on, creative, and "crafty" play and is accessible, sustainable, and feasible enough to be replicated by families as well as museum, library, and school staff.

A paper model of the Psyche spacecraft with its solar wings unfurled. An illustration of the asteroid is behind the spacecraft model.

Models and Materials

Make your own 3-D printed Psyche asteroid model or Psyche spacecraft model with files downloadable from Thingiverse. Print and assemble a paper model. Watch an animation and complete an online lesson about Psyche.

A large, white, square table with people standing around it. The table holds cutouts and other objects.

Psyche Student Collaborations

The Psyche mission has opportunities for engaging university students in the science, engineering, innovation, and communication of the mission.

Four students stand behind a table covered with rocks and other materials for projects.

Psyche Capstones

Capstone courses are undertaken by university students in their final year at the university. The mission develops Psyche-focused projects for capstone courses across a range of disciplines.

An unlabeled logo for NASA's Psyche mission. It's a square shape with multiple colors and a white background.

Psyche Innovation Toolkit

A series of free online courses based on the real-world challenges and skills associated with the Psyche mission’s science, engineering, technology, and teamwork.

A screengrab from search results for Psyche in NASA's image and video library. It shows boxes checked for images, videos and audio and has small images for each open. The images are displayed in a grid.

Psyche Mission Images and Videos

Download images, video, and audio related to the Psyche mission.

Psyche’s journey to a metal world inspired Psyche super-fan Terry Glaze to get #PsycheSpaceCRAFTY with this heavy-metal tribute to the mission, accompanied by original artwork created by NASA Psyche Inspired undergraduate interns. See more of their artwork at this gallery.