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Images, illustrations, and videos from NASA's mission to asteroid Psyche.

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NASA’s Psyche Delivers First Images and Other Data

The mission team has celebrated several successes since its launch from Kennedy Space Center on Oct. 13. The latest is…

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NASA Images

NASA Image and Video Library

Psyche images and videos from a NASA-wide library.

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Several workers in white protective clothing and blue booties watch as engineers and technicians prepare to move the Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) Chassis from its shipping container.
A major component of NASA's Psyche spacecraft is delivered to the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.


Planetary Photojournal Images

Psyche images from the NASA/JPL image library.

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Two engineers in protective clothing work on part of the Psyche spacecraft. Red protective covers can be seen covering the four Hall thrusters.
Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California prepare to integrate four Hall thrusters (beneath red protective covers) into the agency's Psyche spacecraft in July 2021.


Psyche Video Playlist

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This artist's concept, updated as of June 2020, depicts NASA's Psyche spacecraft.

Behind the Spacecraft

These short videos offer glimpses of the people who’ve helped make the journey to asteroid Psyche possible.

An illustration of asteroid Psyche with the spacecraft over it and a graphic promoting a video series.

Psyche – Journey to a Metal World

Teaser Trailer

Image of Christina Hernandez with a slate promoting a video

Psyche Flight Systems Engineer Christina Hernandez

Episode 1

Image of Meena Sreekantamurthy with a slate promoting a video series

Psyche Power Electronics Engineer Meena Sreekantamurthy

Episode 2

Image of Ben Inouye with a slate promoting a video series

Psyche Power System Engineer Ben Inouye

Episode 3

Image of Julie Li with a slate promoting a video series

Psyche Solar Electric Propulsion Engineer Julie Li

Episode 4

A purple slate with an image of Luis Dominguez and words promoting an episode of Behind the Spacecraft

Psyche Spacecraft Builder Luis Dominguez

Episode 5

ASU Psyche Galleries

Mission to a Metal-Rich World

Arizona State University is leading the Psyche mission for NASA. These galleries contain mission images, videos, and animations created by ASU, along with artwork inspired by the mission.

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Asteroid Psyche in space. The asteroid has reddish patches and large craters.
This illustration, created in March 2021, depicts asteroid Psyche, which lies in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.