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Vision Changes in Space Poster
May 26, 2022
Understanding the effects of microgravity on the human body is essential in enabling astronauts to travel through the harsh environment of space for months, or even years. Significant changes to the body’s skeletal and muscle systems have been studied for decades, and strategies to maintain... Read More
Earth, ISS
Apr 21, 2022
  These pictures depict the magnificent wonders of our planet, yet, they weren’t taken anywhere on Earth. Instead, they were captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station to chronicle the fragile beauty and ever-changing landscape of our collective home.
Observing Change Over Time Poster
Mar 3, 2022
When it comes to home maintenance, few things can be more frustrating than trying to repair a broken appliance. When dealing with space station maintenance, the challenges multiply when your procedures, tools, and even you could float away. NASA thinks there’s a better way! Welcome to T2AR aboard... Read More
T2AR on the ISS Poster
Jan 26, 2022
The International Space Station orbits Earth in the cold, solitary vastness of space. But look closer. There’s a cornucopia of species bringing the interior of the station to life, and with it a plethora of scientific knowledge contributing to humans learning not only how to survive in space, but... Read More
Teeming Life on the ISS Poster
Solar System, ISS
Nov 22, 2021
Since its inception, the International Space Station has been powered by large, heavy, and complex solar panels. But, as expected, these panels have slowly degraded over time.   As a part of an experiment, the station’s robotic arm unfurled the first ROSA – Roll Out Solar Array – in 2017,... Read More
The Power of the Station's New Solar Arrays Poster
Jun 21, 2021
The International Space Station has proven to be a one-of-a-kind laboratory. Microgravity conditions allow for experiments impossible to duplicate on Earth. New science, new knowledge. The station has also proven to have the capacity to serve as an incubator for new business, accelerating the... Read More
Earth, ISS
Mar 23, 2021
If you’re on the ground during a thunderstorm, you might witness a spectacular show of lightning. But if you’re observing that same thunderstorm from the vantage point of the International Space Station, you might see a bolt of energy shooting up from the clouds. And it might be red. Or blue. Or... Read More
Observing Lightning from the ISS Poster
Nov 16, 2020
Think of the International Space Station, and most likely you imagine an orbiting laboratory, where scientists observe how plants, materials, and humans react to microgravity conditions. But during the past decade, the station has also served a very different role - that of being a business... Read More
The Small Satellite That’s Paying Big Dividends Poster
Jul 24, 2020
Those striving to develop their products and conduct research beyond Earth’s atmosphere are seeing their visions come to life through the International Space Station National Lab and partnerships with NASA. NASA, in turn, is gaining new resources to aid in its mission of exploration and discovery.... Read More
Earth, ISS
Apr 22, 2020
Earth’s climate is the product of many rich and complex systems. It’s affected by water in its many forms; on land, in the air, in the oceans, and as ice. It feels influences from vegetation, from soil conditions, from the carbon cycle, from human impacts. We study and observe our planet’s ever-... Read More
Keeping an Eye on Earth - Poster
Universe, ISS
Mar 10, 2020
Humans have observed many wonders across the cosmos. Yet, much of our universe is still shrouded in mystery. Among those mysteries is the formation of our universe, which should have resulted in a balance of matter and its corresponding counterpart, antimatter. Much of that matter is thought to... Read More
Finding the Invisible Poster
Universe, ISS
Nov 21, 2019
One of the largest human-made permanent magnets in space resides on the International Space Station (ISS), and it’s helping scientists better understand the origins of our universe. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02) is an observatory that is collecting data from measurements of cosmic rays,... Read More
Unlocking the Origins of the Universe Poster
Jul 30, 2019
Most likely, you’re aware of 3D printing, which allows you to design and produce one-of-a-kind pieces for a variety of purposes. But what if you could use that same technology to manufacture biological materials, like new tissue or blood vessels? Welcome to the world of 3D biomanufacturing, a... Read More
Biomanufacturing Aboard the ISS Poster
Jun 11, 2019
As your dog drags you around the block for his morning walk, you’re probably not thinking about the wonders of the neighborhood sidewalk. But that concrete is pretty great. Next to water, it’s the most widely used material on Earth. In the future, concrete may be equally useful off the planet --... Read More
Cementing Our Place in Space Poster