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Jesse Woodroffe

Program Scientist

Jesse Woodroffe is a Program Scientist in the Heliophysics Division at NASA Headquarters. He is the Program Officer for the Space Weather Research to Operations to Research (SWR2O2R) and Heliophysics Supporting Research (HSR) programs, the Program Scientist for GEOTAIL, and the Deputy Program Scientist for the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission.

Throughout his career, Jesse has worked to understand the physical origins of space weather and the impacts of a dynamic space environment on critical infrastructures and capabilities such as satellites, the power grid, GNSS services, and radio communications. His research has particularly focused on the transport of energy by electromagnetic waves through the highly structured plasmas of the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere and the role of these waves in causing or mitigating several important space weather phenomena.

Before coming to NASA Headquarters, Jesse worked as a consultant for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, as a scientist in the Intelligence and Space Research division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and as a researcher at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Jesse earned his bachelor’s degree in Physics from Augsburg College in 2003 and his doctorate in Physics from the University of Minnesota in 2010.

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