SMD New Hires Orientation Workshop 2022



(Eastern Time)

Thursday - May 19, 2022

Watch Workshop Day 1 (YouTube)

10:00 AM

10:05 AM
Office of the Chief Scientist Welcome

10:20 AM
Participant Meet and Greet

10:35 AM

10:45 AM
Kila Pringle, HQ

11:05 AM
Barbara Fries, HQ

11:30 AM
Shahra Lambert, HQ

11:50 AM

11:55 AM
Career Path Panel
Rita Sambruna (Moderator)
Amy Winebarger, MSFC
Jessie Dotson, ARC
Josh Willis, JPL
Jeff Kruk, GSFC
Ye Zhang, KSC

1:00 PM
Lori Simmons, SMD/B-Line Express

1:15 PM
Networking Lunch
Participants, Panelists and Speakers

Friday - May 20, 2022

Watch Workshop Day 2 (YouTube)

10:00 AM
Ellen Gersten (Moderator)
Paul Hertz, SMD -Astrophysics
Craig Kundrot, SMD - Biological & Physical Sciences
Nicola Fox, SMD - Heliophysics
John Gagosian, SMD - Joint Agency Satellite
Lori Glaze, SMD - Planetary
Jack Kaye, SMD - Earth Science

11:00 AM

11:10 AM
A Day in the Life of a Research Scientist Panel
Jason Rhodes (Moderator)
Morgan Cable, JPL
Jared Broddrick, ARC
Surendra Adhikari, JPL
Tonia Venters, GSFC

12:10 PM

12:20 PM

12:50 PM

12:55 PM
Mission Panel
Greg Mosby (Moderator)
Carrie Bridge, JPL
Rei Ueyama, ARC
Amy Trangsrud, JPL
Sabrina Savage, MSFC

1:55 PM
Workshop Summary

Please direct questions or corrections on SMD New Hires Workshop to Greg Mosby or Lori Simmons.

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