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Jun 28, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 13 releases final text for D.11 TESS Guest Investigator - Cycle 1, which replaces in its entirety the placeholder text released with the ROSES-17 NRA in February.
Jun 19, 2017
Amendment 12 announces that the Swift Guest Investigator program - Cycle 14 can award NuSTAR observations through a joint program with the NuSTAR mission.
May 31, 2017
ROSES-17 Amendment 11: Heliophysics Living With a Star (H-LWS) Science, program element of B.6 due dates temporarily deferred. The Living With a Star (LWS) Program emphasizes the science necessary to understand those aspects of the Sun and Earth’s space environment that affect life and society.... Read More
May 26, 2017
Program element A.37, the Science of TERRA, AQUA, and SUOMI NPP defines and calls for the future work of an integrated NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) including but not limited to the Terra, Aqua, and Suomi NPP missions and Science Teams (STs).
May 24, 2017
Program element C.22, the OSIRIS REx Participating Scientists Program has been modified. The estimated start date (in sections 2.4 and 4) and dates of the Participating Scientist Orientation Meeting (in section 2.7) have been delayed by a month. New text is in bold and deleted text is struck... Read More
May 16, 2017
This amendment puts program element D.7, K2 Guest Observer - Cycle 6 on hold pending a major revision to the program. For now, the due dates will appear as TBD. Proposals will be due no less than 90 days after the release of the amendment that presents final text for this program element.
May 9, 2017
Over the years, NASA has invested heavily in the development and execution of an extensive array of space astrophysics missions. The magnitude and scope of the archival data from those missions enables science that transcends traditional wavelength regimes and allows researchers to answer questions... Read More
May 1, 2017
The Terrestrial Hydrology Program (THP) has the scientific objective to use remote sensing to develop a predictive understanding of the role of water in land-atmosphere interactions and to further the scientific basis of water resources management. The THP is a component of the Global Water and... Read More
Apr 27, 2017
A few small updates have been made to the ROSES Summary of Solicitation: First, Section III(d) "Cost Sharing or Matching" has been updated to more accurately reflect the requirements in 14 CFR §1274. Second, the POC for CubeSats at the end of Section V(b)v has been updated. Third, Inconsistent... Read More
Apr 27, 2017
Section 2.1 of program element C.22, the OSIRIS REx Participating Scientists Program has been modified to explicitly state that the "Science PI" is eligible to become an OSIRIS-REx participating scientist.
Apr 27, 2017
Amendment 6 relaxes the restriction on requests for acquiring computing resources for D.4, the Astrophysics Theory Program.
Apr 6, 2017
This Amendment releases final text for C.22 OSIRIS-REx Participating Scientist Program.
Mar 13, 2017
Amendment 4 delays the due date and airborne campaign for Program Element A.23 Fire Impacts on Regional Emissions and Chemistry (FIREChem).
Mar 9, 2017
In A.1 The Earth Science Research Program Overview Section 5.6 Airborne Science has been expanded to clarify the requirements on proposers that utilize commercial aircraft. New text is in bold. The second paragraph now reads: