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Sep 9, 2022
F.14 Transform to OPen Science Training (TOPST) solicits proposals to advance open science literacy for all who do research on topics relevant to NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) through training and workshops targeting audiences from undergraduate students to established scientists
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Aug 19, 2022
An NSPIRES bug prevented submission of Notices if Intent (NOIs) and Step-1 proposals to certain programs including this one from 8/13/-8/18. Accordingly, NOI and Step-1 proposal due dates for four ROSES program elements have been delayed by six days. NOIs for A.19 Airborne and Satellite... Read More
Aug 12, 2022
When it is solicited, A.54 Earth Venture Suborbital (EVS-4) will invite suborbital science investigations that propose integrated approaches to pressing Earth system science issues. To be eligible, investigations must be science-focused, concentrating on detailed descriptions of the science to be... Read More
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Aug 9, 2022
When it is solicited, F.7 Support for Open Source Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries (OSTFL) seeks proposals for the improvement and sustainment of high-value, open-source tools, frameworks, and libraries that have made significant impacts to the SMD science community.
Jul 28, 2022
NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology Program has a long and rich history of successfully mounting large-scale, intensive field campaigns to study critical biomes and regions. These field campaigns have been aimed at exploiting the synergistic benefits of multidisciplinary science focused on a specific... Read More
Jul 22, 2022
Program element A.6 Carbon Monitoring System: Continuing Prototype Product Development solicits investigations that will advance products toward: development of prototype carbon monitoring systems from an Earth’s system perspective. Areas of interest include terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic... Read More
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Jul 22, 2022
ROSES-2022 A.32 Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics solicits research using NASA data to advance our understanding of processes relevant to The Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics Focus Area. There are no limitations on the spatial and geographic scope of solicited efforts, but studies must link to... Read More
Jun 29, 2022
When it is solicited, Airborne Instrument Technology Transition (AITT) seeks to help instruments developed under NASA’s Instrument Incubator Program, or by similar NASA programs or activities, become ready for scientific use on various platforms supported by the Airborne Science Program.
Jun 28, 2022
A.29 Earth Science Research from Operational Geostationary Satellite Systems (ESROGSS) solicits scientific research using data from the new generation of operational geostationary satellites to achieve the following goals:
Jun 10, 2022
A major goal of A.53 Technology Development for Support of Wildfire Science, Management, and Disaster Mitigation (FireTech) is to demonstrate improved wildfire management through the use of novel suborbital platforms.
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May 27, 2022
F.18 Innovation Corps Pilot (F.18 I-Corps) is intended to provide support for participation in the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Program to train faculty, students in higher education, postdocs, and other researchers in innovation and entrepreneurship skills.
May 20, 2022
Information about two virtual town hall meetings about the implementation of dual-anonymous peer review has been added to as Section 6.1. New text is in bold. The NOI and proposal due dates remains unchanged. 
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May 13, 2022
The goal of the Habitable Worlds program is to use knowledge of the history of the Earth and the life upon it as a guide for determining the processes and conditions that create and maintain habitable environments (including transient environments) and to search for ancient and contemporary... Read More
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May 11, 2022
Through Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences (TWSC F.12 of ROSES), the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) solicits proposals for  events, including asynchronous and virtual workshops, Open Source Science Initiatives, etc., that contribute to SMD's equity, science, technology and exploration... Read More

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