ROSES-2019 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

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Solar System
Oct 2, 2019
The objectives of the Gravity/Radio Science Team for the Europa Clipper Mission are 1) add new members to the Europa Clipper science team with expertise in gravity, radio science, and/or similar investigations to the Europa Clipper science team; and 2) expand science community participation on the... Read More
Solar System
Sep 9, 2019
September 6, 2019. The points of contact in Section 5 of C.3 Solar System Workings has been updated since it was first released. New text is in bold and deleted text is struck through. remains the address to which email about SSW should be sent.
Solar System, Mars
Aug 22, 2019
This amendment permits the submission of projects involving data from the Insight Mission  
Solar System
Aug 15, 2019
August 15, 2019. On or about August 15, 2019, the bold notice at the top of C.23 Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research will be updated to note that final text of that program element will be released by October, 2019. Step-2 proposals will be due no fewer than 90 days after release... Read More
Solar System
Jul 22, 2019
ROSES-19 Amendment 23: This amendment delays the due dates for program element C.17 Planetary Major Equipment and Facilities: Stand-alone proposals.
Earth, Sun, Solar System
Jul 12, 2019
ROSES-2019 Amendment 22 updates the text of E.2 Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences (TWSC) in a number of ways, adding new subsection and clarifying existing text. This program element E.2 TWSC is strictly limited to proposals for topical workshops, symposia, conferences, and other... Read More
Universe, Earth, Sun, Solar System
Jul 9, 2019
On or about Tuesday July 9, 2019, three things will be changed in the ROSES-2019 Summary of Solicitation: The POC for Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles in Section V(b)iii will be updated, the section of Table 1 on References will link to ROSES FAQ #19 clarifying references to web pages/URLs, and... Read More
Solar System
Jul 2, 2019
The Planetary Science Division will not solicit proposals through C.21 the Lunar Technology (LunaTech) Program. The Space Technology Mission Directorate will be managing solicitations for potential opportunities for spacecraft platform technology development for lunar applications.
Solar System
Jun 14, 2019
ROSES-19 Amendment 17 increases the scope of C.11 the Discovery Data Analysis Program (DDAP) to include data from Discovery missions that had previously been retired from this program element. The objective of DDAP is to enhance the scientific return of Discovery Program missions and broaden the... Read More
Solar System
Jun 4, 2019
Amendment 14 announces that C.3 Solar System Workings now allows Antarctic fieldwork and updates the text of Section 4.5 to include instructions regarding budgeting and acknowledgement in publications.
Solar System
May 31, 2019
Following the announcement that NASA is not soliciting proposals for BepiColombo participating scientists in favor of the ESA/JAXA solicitation for Interdisciplinary Scientists and Guest Investigators to the BepiColombo mission, many potential applicants have enquired about how to obtain a Letter... Read More
Solar System
May 14, 2019
This Amendment announces that C.22 BepiColombo Participating Scientists Program is not solicited as it has been superceded by a joint ESA and JAXA Announcement of Opportunity for Interdisciplinary Scientists and Guest Investigators in the BepiColombo mission.
Solar System
May 9, 2019
ROSES-2019 Amendment 8 releases a placeholder for a new program element: C.23 Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research (ICAR).
Solar System
Mar 19, 2019
To the end of Section 2.1 of C.30 Development and Advancement of Lunar Instrumentation Program, reference has been added to an optional TRL Ass

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