ROSES-2019 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

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Mar 20, 2020
ROSES-2019 Amendment 64 delays by one week the due date for Sustainable Land Imaging-Technology, ROSES-2019 program element A.52.
Jan 6, 2020
This amendment announces that Sustainable Land Imaging-Technology, which was previously listed as "Not Solicited This Year", has been released in ROSES-2019 in program element A.52.
Nov 4, 2019
This amendment releases final text and announces the final due date for program element A.46 Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS).
Universe, Earth, Sun, Solar System
Oct 25, 2019
The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) provides a specialized computational infrastructure to support its research community, managed on its behalf by NASA’s High-End Computing (HEC) program (see Two major computing facilities are offered: the NASA Center for Climate... Read More
Sep 23, 2019
Carbon Monitoring System is designed to make significant contributions in characterizing, quantifying, understanding, and predicting the evolution of global carbon sources and sinks through improved monitoring of carbon stocks and fluxes.
Sep 17, 2019
ROSES-19 Amendment 35 releases the final text for A.33, Earth Science Research From Operational Geostationary Satellite Systems.
Aug 23, 2019
Amendment 30: This amendment releases final text for Program Element A.12, The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Science Team.
Aug 12, 2019
Amendment 26 announces that Surface Water and Ocean Topography Calibration and Validation Field Campaigns, program element A.13 of ROSES-19, will not be solicited.
Aug 2, 2019
Section 2 of program element A.26 Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics has been modified to include additional information about aircraft, instrumentation, and three mor
Earth, Sun, Solar System
Jul 12, 2019
ROSES-2019 Amendment 22 updates the text of E.2 Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences (TWSC) in a number of ways, adding new subsection and clarifying existing text. This program element E.2 TWSC is strictly limited to proposals for topical workshops, symposia, conferences, and other... Read More
Universe, Earth, Sun, Solar System
Jul 9, 2019
On or about Tuesday July 9, 2019, three things will be changed in the ROSES-2019 Summary of Solicitation: The POC for Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles in Section V(b)iii will be updated, the section of Table 1 on References will link to ROSES FAQ #19 clarifying references to web pages/URLs, and... Read More
Jun 11, 2019
Amendment 15 announces that Studies with ICESat-2 has been released in ROSES-2019 as program element A.36.
May 31, 2019
Rising seas are one of the most disruptive consequences of climate change, impacting highly-populated coastal communities. Understanding the physical processes behind these changes is key to predicting the potential impact of rising seas and extreme events on coastal communities, the national and... Read More
May 15, 2019
A.37 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Research seeks innovative approaches to the development and use GNSS data, remote sensing techniques, and algorithms to advance Earth system science objectives. Proposals that use GNSS data and algorithms to advance our understanding of the Earth... Read More

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