A.3 Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Inclusion Plan Correction

A.3 Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry (OBB) focuses on better understanding the ocean’s role in the Earth System, and predicting future causes and impacts of change driven by Earth’s climate, the environment, and event-scale phenomena on ocean biology, biogeochemistry, and ecology. A.3 OBB requests the following subelements of research investigations in no priority order:

  • Tipping points and episodic events, and their impacts to aquatic ecosystems.
  • Advancing the remote detection of floating debris.
  • Refining our predictive understanding of the ocean biological pump.
  • Successor studies

A.3 OBB has been corrected. The summary table of requirements for anonymized proposals lacked a row for the inclusion plan. The anonymized inclusion plan is to be placed in a special section of up to two pages following the OSDMP, see Sections 3.5 and the Table in Section 5.1. New text is in bold. The due date remains unchanged: proposals are due July 3, 2024.

Questions regarding OBB may be directed to Laura Lorenzoni at laura.lorenzoni@nasa.gov and Kelsey Bisson at kelsey.bisson@nasa.gov.

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