ROSES-24 A.50 Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program Correction

The primary goal of the A.50 Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program (CSESP) is to develop and implement capabilities to augment and enhance NASA scientific data and capacity through voluntary observations, interpretations, or other direct participation by members of the general public to advance understanding of the Earth as a system. The program complements NASA's capability of observing Earth globally from space, air, land, and water by engaging the public in NASA's strategic goals in Earth Science (see

Subsection 3.2 has been deleted from ROSES-24 program element A.50 CSESP; there will be no mandatory NSPIRES cover page questions, e.g., on "…the scientific focus, and the relevant current or future NASA Earth-observing satellite(s)." Deleted text is struck through.

The due dates remain unchanged: Mandatory NOIs are due 04/15/2024, and proposals are due 05/14/2024.

Questions regarding A.50 CSESP or this correction may be directed to Gerald "Stinger" Guala at and Katie Baynes at

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