Amendment 6: New Horizons data now in scope for B.4 Heliophysics Guest Investigator Open

The Heliophysics Guest Investigator Open (HGIO) program is intended to maximize the scientific return from operating missions by providing support for research that is beyond the scope of work of the mission science teams. All HGIO investigations must be intensive data analysis efforts. The HGIO program is for investigations with a primary emphasis on the analysis of data from currently operating missions in the HSO or allowable CubeSat missions (e.g., ELFIN, DAILI, RAD (Curiosity), or MinXSS). The list of operating HSO missions is found at:

ROSES-2024 Amendment 6 announces that New Horizons datasets are now in scope for this program element. Science goals or objectives addressed by New Horizons mission data must conform to the relevant Heliophysics science scope outlined in Section 1 of B.1 The Heliophysics Research Program Overview, and data must be publicly available 30 days prior to the Step-2 deadline, see Section 1.2 of B.4 HGIO. The due dates remain unchanged: Step-1 proposals are due May 23, 2024, and Step-2 proposals are due August 1, 2024.

Questions concerning B.4 HGIO may be directed to Galen Fowler at

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