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This image shows an array of different cartoon items. Across the top row is a pair of binoculars, a galaxy, and a rainbow. The binoculars are two orange cylinders with blue glass at the end. Next is a galaxy which has a bright pale blue center with yellow stars dotted around it. The galaxy itself is a swirl of spiky arms in shades of black and gray. Next is a rainbow, which is a full arc with red on the outside along the top, and purple on the bottom, with orange, yellow, green, and blue between the two. The second row has a camera, radiation symbol, space potato, and suitcase. The camera is modeled after an old hand-held camera with gray sides, an orange body, and a large blue lens. On the top is a yellow flash. The radiation symbol is a large orange circle with three black triangular wedges inside. The space potato is a brown potato with a blue circle around the top half, representing a helmet. On its back is a blue shape, representing a jet pack. The suitcase is an orange rounded box with an orange handle. On the front are illegible stickers. The third row has two telescopes and two rockets. The telescopes are orange cylinders that sit on three orange legs. The first image has the telescope pointing directly to the right, while the second points slightly up and to the right. The rocket is red with a blue nose and a light blue circle for a porthole. It also has orange fins. In the first image, we just see the rocket, in the second image there is a blast of fire underneath it in shades of orange and yellow. Finally, along the bottom there is a star, a unicorn with a rainbow behind it and a stand-alone unicorn. The star is white and represented as two crossed “x”s. At the end of each spike is a dot. In both images with the unicorn, it is a white unicorn jumping up and to the right. It has a green mane and tail, and an orange horn. In the image with a rainbow, the image is square with the rainbow running from purple in the bottom left to red in the upper right, with blue, green, yellow and orange filling in the middle. The unicorn is centered in front of the rainbow. Each item has text beneath it labeling what it is.
April 12, 2023
CreditNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Historical DateFebruary 28, 2022
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From rocket ships and galaxies, to space potatoes and unicorns, there's a lot of other stuff out there in the universe of the Traveler and Black Hole Week!