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Team Mission

Our mission is to produce short videos for planetariums that feature NASA’s diverse projects and the people who make them happen. We work to highlight projects covering all the areas NASA is involved in—from deep space to understanding our own planet and everything in between; from mainstream flagship missions to the not so well-known. In each short feature, we strive to include an interview of someone involved in the project to showcase their hard work and passion for the project and the science, and to provide role models and career examples for students from a variety of backgrounds.

After being glued to the television in the 1960s for every rocket launch and seeing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the Moon, I remember the excitement shared by all of my classmates throughout elementary, middle, and high school for space exploration. I see the Explorations series as one way to help reignite that passion in our students today.

Our videos are distributed free of charge to planetariums worldwide in 360-degree (fulldome, surround) format.

What does your team hope to achieve?

We hope to help a large audience understand the wide range of NASA’s work, especially that which inspires and benefits people on Earth. We also hope to inspire a large and diverse group of students to think that the sciences, particularly space and Earth sciences, are a career possibility.

The speaker in [Explorations 2] is from Chicago. Since we are a local library, the kids went nuts. They wanted to know more about the speaker and compared their experiences to his…[the] kids were thrilled by Chris.

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Each of our episodes are free to download and come with associated educator guides. To download, visit our productions request form.


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