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NASA Releases Updated Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience Plan

4 min read

NASA joined more than 20 federal agencies in releasing its updated Climate Adaptation Plan Thursday, helping expand the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to make federal operations increasingly resilient to the impacts of climate change for the benefit of all. The updated…

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NASA, Partners Conduct Fifth Asteroid Impact Exercise, Release Summary

4 min read

For the benefit of all, NASA released a summary Thursday of the fifth biennial Planetary Defense Interagency Tabletop Exercise. NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, in partnership with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and with the assistance of the U.S. Department…

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Why Scientists Are Intrigued by Air in NASA’s Mars Sample Tubes

5 min read

Tucked away with each rock and soil sample collected by the agency’s Perseverance rover is a potential boon for atmospheric scientists. Atmospheric scientists get a little more excited with every rock core NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover seals in its titanium…

Article7 hours ago

Studying the Sun

5 min read

Science in Space: June 2024 The Sun wields a huge influence on Earth. Its gravity holds our planet in its orbit, and solar energy drives the seasons, ocean currents, weather, climate, radiation belts, and auroras on Earth. The solar wind,…

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A rectangular image with black vertical rectangles at the bottle left and top right to indicate missing data. A young star-forming region is filled with wispy orange, red, and blue layers of gas and dust. The upper left corner of the image is filled with mostly orange dust, and within that orange dust, there are several small red plumes of gas that extend from the top left to the bottom right, at the same angle. The center of the image is filled with mostly blue gas. At the center, there is one particularly bright star, that has an hourglass shadow above and below it. To the right of that is what looks a vertical eye-shaped crevice with a bright star at the center. The gas to the right of the crevice is a darker orange. Small points of light are sprinkled across the field, brightest sources in the field have extensive eight-pointed diffraction spikes that are characteristic of the Webb Telescope.

First of Its Kind Detection Made in Striking New Webb Image

6 min read

Alignment of bipolar jets confirms star formation theories For the first time, a phenomenon astronomers have long hoped to directly image has been captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam). In this stunning image of the Serpens…

Article11 hours ago
A galaxy against a black backdrop dotted with more distant galaxies and a few foreground stars. The galaxy is slightly tilted toward us, providing a good view of dark dust lanes from slightly above. They are backlit by the galaxy’s core. This dust appears rusty-brown. The core itself glows brightly in a yellowish light as brilliant-blue regions sparkle through the dust. Several background galaxies also are visible, including an edge-on spiral just to the left of NGC 1546.

NASA Releases Hubble Image Taken in New Pointing Mode

2 min read

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has taken its first new images since changing to an alternate operating mode that uses one gyro. The spacecraft returned to science operations June 14 after being offline for several weeks due to an issue with…

Article2 days ago

NASA Selects Lockheed Martin to Build Next-Gen Spacecraft for NOAA

3 min read

NASA, on behalf of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has selected Lockheed Martin Corp. of Littleton, Colorado, to build the spacecraft for NOAA’s Geostationary Extended Observations (GeoXO) satellite program. This cost-plus-award-fee contract is valued at approximately $2.27 billion.…

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**Alt Text:** A person is working on a laptop with a screen displaying graphs and text. The screen has a large overlay with the text "Achievement Unlocked! Completed 2 full datasets!" The person's right hand is visible on the trackpad, and various browser tabs are open at the top of the screen, indicating an active and busy research session. The environment suggests a focus on data analysis and scientific work.

Happy Birthday, Redshift Wrangler!

2 min read

About one year ago the Redshift Wrangler project first asked you to help examine “spectra” of distant galaxies. These spectra are diagrams that show how much light we receive from them as a function of wavelength.  “Since launching on May 30, 2023,…

Article2 days ago
A jumbled field of light toned rocks with unusual ‘popcorn’-like textures and abundant mineral veins.

Perseverance Finds Popcorn on Planet Mars

2 min read

After months of driving, Perseverance has finally arrived at ‘Bright Angel’, discovering oddly textured rock unlike any the rover has seen before.

Article2 days ago
A black and white photograph of the Mars surface, with some of the metallic structure of the Curiosity rover visible at bottom of the frame. Most of the upper three-quarters of the frame shows an area of flat, broken slabs of light-gray rock in front of the rover, surrounded by darker areas of soil and gravel. The slabs have two small, whitish, ellipitacal marks on their surfaces.

Sols 4216-4218: Another ‘Mammoth’ Plan!

4 min read

Earth planning date: Friday, June 14, 2024 At the start of this week, we did a preload test on the target “Mammoth Lakes,” the rightmost bright ellipse (DRT ellipse, so less dusty) on the workspace image above. The preload test…

Article3 days ago
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