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Solar System
May 21, 2020
Did you know that there are storms churning all across our solar system and beyond? Watch as we tour some of the storms in our planetary neighborhood – from supersonic winds on Venus to dust storms on Mars. Then, we bring things closer to home to take a look at how NASA studies weather on Earth.
Earth, Climate Change, Ice
May 7, 2020
Join NASA ice experts as we discuss important science about Earth's icy regions, and how it can impact us here in warmer environments. NASA’s ICESat-2 mission uses a laser instrument on a satellite to precisely measure ice and just released new findings about how Earth’s ice is changing. Scientists... Read More
Sun, Earth’s Space Environment
May 4, 2020
A citizen scientist working with NASA's Aurorasaurus project has unearthed an exciting piece of scientific history. In the writings of early 20th-century aurora explorer Carl Størmer, citizen scientist Dr. Michael Hunnekuhl noticed mentions of “feeble homogeneous arcs of great altitude” and... Read More
Photo of Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement
Earth, ISS
Apr 22, 2020
Earth observing instruments on the space station along with photography from crew members serve to keep a multifunctional eye on our home planet.
Keeping an Eye on Earth - Poster
Apr 16, 2020
How does NASA combine art and science? Join artist Jenny Mottar as she explains her inspiration and process for creating the 2020 NASA Earth Day poster. Download the poster and wallpapers
Earth Day 2020
Apr 10, 2020
Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the Associate Administrator for NASA Science, takes us on a journey in this talk about humanity’s innate nature to look up into the sky and seek answers to the mysteries of the universe. We are a species of explorers, and we persevere through the difficult times by coming... Read More
Species of Explorers
Apr 9, 2020
The third episode of NASA Science Live highlights our weird home: Earth. Liquid water, a protective atmosphere and an active core that gives our planet a defensive shield. These features, plus more, make our home one of the most unique places in the solar system. Watch as we explore these features... Read More
Solar System
Mar 30, 2020
The second episode of NASA Science Live takes you to the very edge of our solar system where interstellar space begins. Starting with the Voyager mission at the boundary and traveling on to some of the closest and brightest stars, watch as we answer questions like: What does "going interstellar"... Read More
Solar System
Mar 24, 2020
Astronomers Without Borders and NASA’s International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) are sponsoring a special Asteroid Search Campaign as part of Global Astronomy Month. This search campaign is open to schools and teams around the world. Stuck at home? Participation is online and... Read More
International Astronomical Search Collaboration Logo
Solar System
Mar 19, 2020
The first episode of #NASAScienceLive explores how science conducted on the lunar surface in the past informs current missions studying the Moon and future plans to send science, robots and humans to our nearest celestial neighbor.
Solar System, Mars
Mar 13, 2020
NASA’s next Mars rover has a new name: Perseverance. After sorting through more than 28,000 submissions from K-12 students from every U.S. state and territory, one name was chosen. Alexander Mather, a 13-year-old student from Virginia who submitted the winning name, explains why he chose... Read More
Universe, ISS
Mar 10, 2020
Scientists are using AMS-02 on the Space Station to study fundamental particles originating from sources up to billions of light years away. These particles may hold the key to understanding both the composition and history of our universe.
Finding the Invisible Poster
Solar System, Mars
Mar 6, 2020
NASA has chosen a name for its next Mars rover: Perseverance. The name was announced today by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington during a celebration at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia. Zurbuchen was on... Read More
Cartoon Illustration of Mars Rover Perseverance
Earth, Ice
Feb 27, 2020
For eleven years from 2009 to 2019, the planes of NASA’s Operation IceBridge flew above the Arctic, Antarctic and Alaska, gathering data on the height, depth, thickness, flow and change of sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets.
Operation Ice Bridge
Jan 29, 2020
NASA and several partners announced Tuesday they have renamed a key ocean observation satellite launching this fall in honor of Earth scientist Michael Freilich, who retired last year as head of NASA’s Earth Science division, a position he held since 2006.
image of satellite above earth