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Blue blobs are illuminated under a microscope on a black background. Small yellow, fluorescent dots are scattered throughout the blue blobs.

Plant Telomeres

Why NASA Studies Crystals

How (and why) do NASA researchers simulate microgravity on Earth?

A photo of astronaut Christina Kock wearing glasses onboard the International Space Station as she works on hardware for the Cold Atom Lab.

The Fifth State of Matter

At the center of this image is a scientist wearing a white clean suit and mask, as well as gloves and goggles. There is a small hole and sterile tools in front of the scientist, who kneels in the soil of the Atacama desert. A desert landscape similar to that of Mars surrounds the scientist, with a vast stretch of dry, rocky soil leading up to shadowed mountains. Above the mountains and set amid a blue sky, the Sun peeks out at the top right of the image, causing a lens flare that stretches across the image.

Space Biology and Astrobiology: What’s the difference?

The Earth is centered against a starry universe. Several rainbow-colored bands surround the Earth in oblong and spherical shapes.

What are the Van Allen Belts and why do they matter?

Three women and one man are huddled around a box. They are wearing masks and gloves and are removing a medium-sized rectangular box from a cerulean blue canvas bag.

Why is NASA studying fungi?

An overhead view of one large rectangular box sectioned with 32 smaller squared boxes of leafy green plants. Each lush plant has 8-12 oblong leaves.

Why send plant seeds on a journey beyond the Van Allen Belts?


Space for a Cure

Leveraging Microgravity for Research

Graphic of Earth, Moon and Mars, showing various platform icons associated with each.

Research Platforms