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Researchers Develop ‘Founding Document’ on Synthetic Cell Development

3 min read

Cells are the fundamental units of life, forming the variety of all living things on Earth as individual cells and multi-cellular organisms. To better understand how cells perform the essential functions of life, scientists have begun developing synthetic cells –…

Article3 weeks ago

International Space Station welcomes biological and physical science experiments

3 min read

NASA is sending several biological and physical sciences experiments and equipment aboard SpaceX’s 30th commercial resupply services mission. Studying biological and physical phenomena under extreme conditions allows researchers to advance the fundamental scientific knowledge required to go farther and stay…

Article2 months ago

Compact Robot Takes Flight to Support CERISS Initiative

3 min read

NASA’s TechFlights 2023 Selections Advance Space Science in Collaboration with Industry A new robot will be taking flight soon to test its ability to support biological and physical science experiments in microgravity.  As one of NASA’s 2023 TechFlights selections, this…

Article2 months ago
A grey space vehicle consisting of several attached sections; purple solar panels protrude from several of the sections.

Zero-Boil-Off Tank Experiments to Enable Long-Duration Space Exploration

10 min read

Do we have enough fuel to get to our destination? This is probably one of the first questions that comes to mind whenever your family gets ready to embark on a road trip. If the trip is long, you will…

Article2 months ago
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Do NASA Science LIVE on February 21! What’s it mean to be cool?

2 min read

Snow and ice are everywhere this time of year—mountain tops, Alaska, and even outer space. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and join us for the next Do NASA Science LIVE event as we explore ways to participate in NASA’s winter-themed volunteer…

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Portrait three people: a Caucasian man with a mustache and long blond-grey hair; a Caucasian woman with glasses and brown hair in a ponytail; and an African American man with short hair. All are wearing blue lab coats and smiling as they prepare their experiment.

International Space Station Welcomes Trio of Experiments Focused on Enhancing Life Beyond Earth

3 min read

NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences Division is sending three physical sciences and space biology experiments and equipment to the International Space Station aboard Northrop Grumman’s 20th commercial resupply services mission. These experiments aim to pioneer scientific discovery, enable sustainable deep…

Article4 months ago

Station Science 101: Epigenetics Research in Space

5 min read

A growing body of research suggests a link between epigenetic mechanisms and a wide variety of illnesses and behaviors, including cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune illnesses, and cognitive dysfunction. Epigenetics also plays a role in the changes humans and other living…

Article4 months ago
Part of Earth as seen from the International Space Station. The land is a dusky green and at top right, a few clouds swirl overhead. Credit: ESA (European Space Agency)/Alex Gerst

2023 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Announces 10 Global Winners

5 min read

Ten teams from around the world have been named the Global Winners of the 2023 NASA International Space Apps Challenge. The Challenge is the largest annual global hackathon, and gives participants the opportunity to engage with real world problems we…

Article4 months ago
Dr. Lisa Carnell (right) and Dr. Bonnie Dunbar (left) on stage presenting at the main conference podium. Both women are wearing dark, formal business attire.

Scientists and Students Discuss the Future of Space Research at ASGSR Annual Conference

2 min read

The American Society for Gravitational and Space Research’s (ASGSR) annual meeting brought together over 850 scientists, engineers, educators, and students from around the world to share their latest findings on microgravity research and discuss the future of space exploration. ASGSR…

Article5 months ago

NASA Helps Study One of the World’s Most Diverse Ecosystems

6 min read

NASA satellite and airborne tools aid an international team studying biodiversity on land and in the water around South Africa. An international team of researchers spent October and November 2023 in the field studying one of the world’s most biologically…

Article6 months ago