NASA Science at Home Resources

Here you'll find additional resources for everything from formal lesson plans to amazing imagery and stories about how science and exploration are lifting our world.

NASA Science Live
Go behind-the-scenes alongside our experts to explore the secrets of the universe.
EZ Science
Monthly video series that dives into topics like insights from the Apollo missions, the mysteries of the Sun, and the search for planets like our own.
NASA Solve
A gateway for everyone to engage in NASA through prizes, challenges, and crowd sourcing.
JPL Education Site
Instructions for making things like rockets, Mars rovers and Moon landers out of materials you have at home – or with templates you can print out.
More science and technology activities you can do at home.
NASA Wavelength
A searchable collection of resources that incorporate NASA content and have been subject to peer review.
Space Place: YouTube Channel
Videos about the Earth, sun, solar system and beyond.
NASA EDGE takes a unique look in and around the greatest space program on the planet.
YouTube Channel | Website
EO Kids
Earth Observatory for kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14.
Center Resources
Find activities and resources by NASA Center
NASA at Home
Find podcasts, e-books, virtual tours, and more activities from across NASA.
Dr. Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA Science Missions, talks about how we are a species of explorers.