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Earth, Sun, ISS Aug 16, 2018
The TSIS instrument on the International Space Station is continuing NASA's 40-year record of tracking the Sun's radiant energy.
The United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket launches NASA's Parker Solar Probe to touch the Sun, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018.

NASA, ULA Launch Parker Solar Probe on Historic Journey to Touch Sun

Sun Aug 13, 2018
Hours before the rise of the very star it will study, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launched from Florida Sunday to begin its journey to the Sun, where

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is About to Lift Off

Sun Aug 9, 2018
Stay tuned — Parker is about to take flight. At 3:33 a.m. EDT on Aug. 11, while most of the U.S. is asleep, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will be abuzz with excitement. At that moment,...
The Parker Solar Probe Poster

The Parker Solar Probe - A Mission to Touch the Sun

Sun, Our Sun Aug 8, 2018
The Parker Solar Probe will help scientists learn more about the solar wind, an exotic stew of magnetic forces, plasma and particles.

It's Surprisingly Hard to Go to the Sun

Sun Aug 8, 2018
The Sun contains 99.8 percent of the mass in our solar system. Its gravitational pull is what keeps everything here, from tiny Mercury to the gas giants to the Oort Cloud, 186 billion miles away. But...

NASA to Host Briefings, Events for Aug. 11 Launch to Touch Sun

Sun Aug 6, 2018
As NASA nears the launch of its Parker Solar Probe, the agency will host a series of media briefings beginning Wednesday, Aug. 8. These briefings, as well as special programs, the launch on Saturday,...

Prepping to Launch for the Sun

Sun Jul 31, 2018
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has cleared the final procedures in the clean room before its move to the launch pad.

Parker Solar Probe and the Birth of the Solar Wind

Sun Jul 30, 2018
This summer, humanity embarks on its first mission to touch the Sun: A spacecraft will be launched into the Sun’s outer atmosphere. Facing several-million-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, NASA’s...

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and the Curious Case of the Hot Corona

Sun Jul 27, 2018
Something mysterious is going on at the Sun: Its atmosphere gets much, much hotter the farther it stretches from the Sun's blazing surface. Parker Solar Probe offers the chance for scientists to...

Sounds of the Sun

Sun Jul 25, 2018
NASA heliophysicist Alex Young explains how this simple sound connects us with the Sun and all the other stars in the universe.