Science Advisory Committees

Nominations for NASA Federal advisory committees due March 8, 2017

NASA invites public nominations for service on four new Federal advisory committees that advise NASA on science. The four new committees, which were formerly subcommittees of the NASA Advisory Council, are The Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC), The Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC), The Heliophysics Advisory Committee (HPAC), and The Planetary Science Advisory Committee (PAC).
U.S. citizens may submit self-nominations for consideration to fill vacancies on these four new committees. There will be member vacancies from time to time throughout the year, and NASA will consider self-nominations to fill such intermittent vacancies. Nominees will be contacted only if a vacancy should arise and the expertise of the nominees is appropriate for that specific vacancy. The deadline for NASA receipt of all public nominations is March 8, 2017. For more information, please see the federal register notice at:

Four new Science Advisory Committees, formerly subcommittees of the NASA Advisory Council Science Committee (NAC SC), were constituted on under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) and will advise divisions of the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD). The Committees operate under charters approved by the NASA Administrator. The Committees are managed under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) that provides for openness and public accountability. This includes public meetings and public access to Committee records.

The Science Advisory Committees represent diverse perspectives within each of the science disciplines: Astrophysics, Earth Science, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science. These subcommittees provide recommendations and advice to the SMD Division Directors.

Each Committee consists of between 12 and 20 members. The Chairs of these committees also serve as members of the NAC SC. The Committees are listed below.


Community engagement in technical analyses such as mission architectures prior to conceptual design are often performed by Analysis Groups, whose Chairs may sit as members of the Advisory Committees.

  • Astrophysics Program Analysis Groups
  • Earth Science Advisory Groups
  • Planetary Science Analysis Groups


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