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The old ROSES-2020 NRA has mostly been superseded by the 2021 incarnation but there are a few old ROSES-2020 programs with proposals due through mid April 2021 such as ROSES-20 A.45 InVEST, A.52 Suomi NPP and JPSS Standard Products, B.11 H-FORT, and B.15 GOLD-ICON Guest Investigators, as well as programs with rolling submissions such as A.28 Rapid Response and Novel Research in Earth Science. To see the remaining ROSES-2020 programs and due dates see



The Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3 = NNH17ZDA004O) Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is an omnibus, meaning it hosts individual flight opportunities each with its own topic and due date. The Table of SALMON-3 PEA Due Dates has hypertext links to each program element appendix (PEA) in SALMON-3.

SIMPLEx AO No Earlier Than April 2021.

There will be a delay in the release of the Small Innovative Missions for Planetary Exploration (SIMPLEx) Announcement of Opportunity (AO). Previously, the planetary science division had announced at town hall meetings that the SIMPLEx AO would be released no earlier than September 2020, but it is now anticipated that the SIMPLEx AO will be released no earlier than April 2021. Any inquiries should be directed to the SIMPLEx email:

Future Solicitations

You may download the current planning list of SMD Solicitations (NRAs and AOs) as a PDF from the SOMA web page. ROSES is released each year on or about February 14th. Planned program elements of ROSES are listed in the ROSES tables of due dates as 'TBD' and hypertext links from each title in the table of due dates connects to the NSPIRES page for that program element with a summary and point of contact.


Community Announcements


RFI to High Energy Physics and Space-Based Astrophysics

Due Date: March 8, 2021

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate invites interested parties to respond to a Request for Information (RFI) on collaborative activities that further scientific advances in high energy physics and space-based astrophysics, in support of our shared scientific goals. The information received in response to this RFI will inform and be considered by the DOE and NASA program offices to identify potential partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

This RFI is focused on three major areas, including scientific and technology benefits and obstacles and how each agency’s capabilities, infrastructure, and resources may be leveraged: (1) potential lunar surface missions on the far side of the Moon; (2) space-based probes of fundamental physics on the International Space Station; and (3) synergies in the use of data from the Vera C. Rubin Observatory, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, and the Euclid mission.

More information about the scope of the RFI can be found at

New Science Plan Released

All members of the community are encouraged to read the new Science Plan, Science 2020-2024: A Vision for Scientific Excellence, which may be downloaded at

Funding for Citizen Science in ROSES

Any ROSES proposal may be citizen-science based and additional funding may be available for proposals incorporating citizen science. Citizen science projects shall be held to the same rigorous standards as any SMD science program. Moreover, each year ROSES solicits the SMD Citizen Science Seed Funding Program (F.9 in ROSES-2021) and every few years the Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program is solicited (most recently in 2020). For more information on ongoing SMD citizen science projects, see and for information about opportunities contact

Need Advice about ROSES and proposal writing?

On the library and useful links page we have added a new resource that may be useful to those who are new to proposing to ROSES. Presentations by Max Bernstein (NASA HQ) and Christina Richey (JPL) about ROSES how to write a proposal are now available. Both the video (thanks to the SETI Institute) and both PDF and PPT versions of Max's slides may be found in the SARA Library.

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