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The Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3 = NNH17ZDA004O) Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is an omnibus, meaning it hosts individual flight opportunities each with its own topic and due date. The Table of SALMON-3 PEA Due Dates has hypertext links to each program element appendix (PEA) in SALMON-3.

Heliophysics Explorer MIDEX AO

It is anticipated that no more than three 2019 Heliophysics MIDEX investigations will be selected for 9-month, $1.25M (FY19) Phase A concept studies through the AO. At the conclusion of concept studies, it is expected that at least one MIDEX investigation will be down-selected to continue into Phase B and subsequent mission phases.

Preproposal Conference planned for July 23, 2019.

Mandatory NOIs are due August 2, 2019, 11:59 pm Eastern.

Proposals are due September 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m. Eastern.           

Download the AO from on the NSPIRES page for this MIDEX AO or by searching open solicitations at for NNH19ZDA013O.

Responses to comments/questions and the agenda, logistical information and confirmation of the date for Preproposal Conference will be posted on the Acquisition Homepage at

Future Solicitations

Link to PDF Planning List of SMD Solicitations from the SOMA web page.


Community Announcements

Funding for Citizen Science in ROSES-2019

Citizen Science is a form of open collaboration in which individuals or organizations participate voluntarily in the scientific process in various ways (see policy document on citizen science). Unless otherwise noted in the program element, proposals submitted to any ROSES-2019 call may be entirely or partially citizen science-based and additional funding may be available for proposals incorporating citizen science. Citizen science projects shall be held to the same rigorous standards as any SMD science program. For more information on ongoing SMD citizen science projects, see or email

Need Advice about ROSES and proposal writing?

On the library and useful links page we have added a new resource that may be useful to those who are new to proposing to ROSES. Presentations by Max Bernstein (NASA HQ) and Christina Richey (JPL) about ROSES how to write a proposal are now available. Both the video (thanks to the SETI Institute) and both PDF and PPT versions of Max's slides may be found in the SARA Library.

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