Max’s NSPIRES Helpful Hints

NSPIRES is the web interface that most scientists use to submit proposals to the Science Mission Directorate. There are tutorials on the NSPIRES pages, but I would like to mention just a few pointers here that have come up recently with tragic consequences.

Team member participation

An important change has come to NSPIRES, the web page through which proposals are submitted. Starting in Aug 2009 all team members (e.g., Co-Investigators, Collaborators, etc.) MUST officially agree to participate on a proposal online through the NSPIRES web page. If a team member is invited to participate, but they don't confirm their participation online, then you will have to remove them from your proposal team before you submit your proposal. I have created a walk through of this online participation process with screen captures because NSPIRES is not always totally intuitive. You can download this guide as a PDF file along with other useful resources:

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