NSPIRES Basics: registration and submission

As an individual, you don't usually have the authority to actually submit a proposal. Generally, as a P.I. you can only release your proposal to your organization and the authorized representative of that organization (the AOR) submits it. For some of you who are at small organizations, you are both a proposal writer and an AOR. In some tragic cases, proposals were not properly submitted because of this dual role. To insure this does not happen again, we've included some helpful screenshots and advice here. As the PI, you will see the following at the bottom of your proposal page:

NSPIRES Submission screenshot

Notice you do not have a button to submit. Instead, you will now press the "Release to Org" button. Once you do this however, you cannot make further changes unless you have your authorizing official send the proposal back to you (more on this below).

Now the proposal is in the hands of your AOR. The AOR will see the following options when they go into 'view proposal mode.'

NSPIRES Submission screenshot

They can send the proposal back to the PI by clicking on 'Unlock' or they can actually submit the proposal by clicking on 'Submit Proposal.' For NASA to see the proposal the AOR must click 'Submit Proposal' before the deadline, which is usually midnight east coast time on Friday (check the Table of due dates to make sure you get it right). When the proposal is submitted you can see it in your list of submitted proposals. A link to submitted proposals can be found in the upper left hand corner of your normal proposals screen (see below)...

NSPIRES Submission screenshot

In addition, when a proposal has been submitted both the AOR and the PI will get email from NSPIRES confirming that it has been successfully submitted. We encourage first time users to go through these steps early, just in case you find surprises along the way. Let us know if you have problems we have not addressed here.

Please direct questions or corrections on this page to SARA@nasa.gov

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