Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline

Mar 6, 2017
Photograph of students on a field at camp w ith test rockets

Team Mission

NASA Centers act as hubs for professional development for teachers, access points for NASA educational materials, and on-site experiences for teachers and students. The Northwest Earth and Space Sciences (NESSP) is creating a model network that can serve as a physical NASA educational presence in the Pacific Northwest where there are no NASA centers. NESSP seeks to create a bridge to NASA experiences for teachers and students in middle and high schools in the region and use to NASA-inspired activities and materials to becomes excited and engaged in STEM fields and thereby be able to move more successfully through the STEM pipeline. The program is particularly focusing on underserved and underrepresented communities.

What does your team home to achieve?

NESSP seeks to create a series of outreach events, extended camps for middle school and high school, and professional development workshops for middle school and high school teachers to provide immersive events based on NASA Earth and Space Science missions that increase the skill level and enthusiasm of teachers and students for STEM.

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I want to come to this camp because NASA recently came to my school and we shot off rockets. I never thought I would like engineering rockets and launching them into the sky… I love launching rockets and solving math problems. And I also like to engineer the rockets. And I like learning new things about technology and I love to learn new things about space. -- Upcoming 8 th grade female student from the Crow Reservation