Astrophysics Roadmap


The Roadmap Town Hall was held on May 6, 2013 (10am – 5:30pm EDT) and May 7, 2013 (10am – 4:50pm EDT)

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An Astrophysics Roadmap will be developed by a task force of the Astrophysics Subcommittee (APS) during 2013. The Roadmap will present a compelling, 30-year vision for astrophysics; the team will take the recent decadal survey as the starting point and build upon it.  The Roadmap will be science-based, with notional missions. Community input will be solicited and presented in a workshop in the form of a Town Hall; these opportunities will be posted here and circulated via community email lists. The Roadmap will be released publicly in mid-December 2013.

Roadmap Team Members:

Chryssa Kouveliotou
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Joan Centrella
(Exec Sec)
Brad Peterson
(APS Chair, Ex Officio)
Ohio State University
Eric Agol University of Washington
Natalie Batalha NASA Ames
Jacob Bean University of Chicago
Misty Bentz Georgia State University
Neil Cornish Montana State University
Alan Dressler Carnegie Observatories
Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano MIT
Scott Gaudi Ohio State University
Olivier Guyon University of Arizona
Dieter Hartmann Clemson University
Jason Kalirai Space Telescope Science Institute
Michael Niemack Cornell University
Feryal Ozel University of Arizona
Chris Reynolds University of Maryland
Aki Roberge NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Kartik Sheth National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Amber Straughn NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
David Weinberg Ohio State University
Jonas Zmuidzinas JPL/Caltech