Astrophysics Roadmap Town Hall Meeting

The Roadmap Town Hall was held as a virtual meeting on May 6, 2013 (10am – 5:30pm EDT) and May 7, 2013 (10am – 4:50pm EDT)

  • View the Meeting Program (PDF)
  • The Team received over 100 abstracts for the Roadmap. Visit the Science and Technology Challenge Abstract page to view all public abstracts.
    *Note, submitters were asked prior if they wanted to make their abstract public or not.
    *Note, All scheduled parts of the Town Hall will be open to a public audience, so they can hear all presentations. The "Public Sessions" are for questions from the non-roadmap team attendees. The public will be able to submit questions during the meeting via the chat window in Adobe and we will answer them accordingly, during the public sessions.
    *Note, In order to hear as many perspectives as possible, the Roadmap team chose to merge some related abstracts into one talk for the Town Hall. We appreciate the extra work this caused and thank the authors for their cooperation. In the interests of time management, please plan for one speaker to present the slides for these merged talks. We do request all authors be available during the Public Session following their talk to answer any questions.
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