Hubble Focus: Galaxies through Space and Time

Hubble focus ebook with galaxy image on cover

Explore the history of galaxies through the Hubble Space Telescope’s gaze in this second e-book in the Hubble Focus series. Spectacular Hubble images and videos bring home the discoveries that have expanded our understanding of galaxies, how they formed, and what they contain.

Dip into star clusters and black holes, examine galactic neighbors and unusual galaxies, and look back in space and time to the far reaches of the universe to spy the building blocks of today’s galaxies. Hubble Focus: Galaxies Through Space and Time takes you on a flight through the universe, touring the islands of stars that evolved with and help shape the cosmos.

The Hubble Focus series dives deep into specific topics in astronomy that have been forever changed by Hubble’s explorations. Additional books in the series focus on stars and our solar system.

Since the time of publication, some e-reader platforms have changed their file specifications, limiting file size, image, and video capabilities. If you have problems with the EPUB version, we suggest trying the more widely compatible PDF version.