Hubble Videos

From science to history, from servicing mission to technology, and from documentaries to human interest stories, NASA had produced a library of informative and interesting videos on the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope is seen washed in gold hues from the sun, against black space and the curve of the Earth behind it.

Hubble Video Playlist

Hubble videos are continually produced to help share new discoveries, highlight team members, explain scientific concepts, and more. This playlist contains the numerous NASA videos in the order they were released.

Notable Series

Eye in the Sky

This three-part mini-series, Hubble – Eye in the Sky, takes you behind the scenes into the world of Hubble Space Telescope operations.

Inside the Image

Astronomers explain the history and high-level science behind some of Hubble's most beautiful, groundbreaking, and iconic images.

Hubble Science

From dark energy and black holes to starbirth and the expanding universe, these videos explore the science behind Hubble's observations.

Hubble's Universe

This video series celebrates Hubble's 30 years in orbit, and the astonishing secrets about our universe it revealed. While Hubble is most famous for its images of galaxies and nebulae, it also unlocked secrets here in our own solar system.

Servicing Missions

These videos tell the story of Hubble's five servicing missions: the challenges and successes.

Tool Time

In this upbeat series hosted by astronaut John Grunsfeld, learn about the specialized astronaut tools developed for the Hubble servicing missions.

Hubble Memorable Moments

This video series goes over some of the most memorable moments that have occurred during Hubble's time in space.


Media Resources

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Image taken of the 1990 deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble, bright and silver, reflects the Earth below, on either side of Hubble there are two golden solar arrays. At the bottom of the picture you can see the body of the Space Shuttle Discovery as well as the grapple arm letting go of Hubble.
Space Shuttle Discovery’s robotic arm deploys Hubble on April 25, 1990.