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Expand your cosmic horizons and get to know the telescope behind some of astronomy’s most groundbreaking discoveries. Explore our videos, interactive activities, e-books, imagery, and more.

Hubble image of M104


Find out what image Hubble took on your birthday. Interact with a virtual Hubble spacecraft. Explore the night sky by zooming in on a cosmic object and see Hubble's view. Have fun with these and other interactive features and games!

What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

Get a Hubble image for any date.

Name that Nebula!

What do you see in the cosmic clouds? Play this game to match nebulae with their names.

Faint band of stars, gas, and dust stretches from left to right across the frame. This band is a representation of our galaxy as seen from space, edge-on. Colorful icons representing the types of objects Hubble has observed litter the frame: blue stars, orange spiral for galaxies, pink clouds for nebulae, yellow swirling top for exotic objects, and a green circle for exoplanets.


Roam the night sky and zoom in to get a Hubble's-eye-view of cosmic objects

Hubble floating over the earth in an interactive virtual application

Interactive Orbiting Hubble

Interact with a satellite's-eye-view of an orbiting Hubble.

A historical timeline of Hubble's history that can be clicked on to go from one event to the next.

Interactive Timelines

Follow the story of how Hubble came to be, how astronauts kept it going, and its major discoveries with this interactive timeline.

Eagle Nebula showing visible and infrared

Explore Light

See how cosmic objects transform when viewed at different wavelengths of light.


Learn fun trivia about the Hubble astronauts and see if you know some of Hubble's more interesting facts.

A title slide that says "astronaut Fun Facts"

Hubble Astronaut Fun Facts

How well do you know Hubble astronauts? Play this astronaut trivia game and test your knowledge!

Hubble Trivia Banner

Quiz Challenge

Test your knowledge of Hubble science and technology. Hear the answers from the scientists and engineers behind the telescope.

360-Degree Tours

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of Hubble in space and of the Hubble control center that keeps Hubble working.

Hubble Spacecraft 360 Degree Tour

Visit Hubble in orbit and investigate how it works in the 360-degree virtual tour.

panorama of Hubble STOCC

Control Center 360-Degree Tour

Go behind the scenes at the heart of Hubble operations with this 360-degree virtual tour.

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