Upper 2/3 holds a bright white and blue gas and dust-cloud ring around a central void or bubble. lower 1/3 holds blue and white
The planet Jupiter with its familiar cloud bands seen in shades of pink, rusty red, blue, and purple. The Great Red Spot is a deep navy blue, surrounded by bands and swirls of pink, and light blue.
Two spiral galaxies. Each glows brightly in the center, where a bar stretches from side to side. The upper one is rounder, and its arms form two thin rings. The lower galaxy is flatter and its arms make one outer ring; a dusty knot atop its upper arm marks out a third object. Gravity is pulling gas and dust together where the galaxies come close. A number of small galaxies surround them on a black background.

What is Hubble Observing?

See the area of sky Hubble is currently investigating or explore its upcoming and past targets. Select “Observation Details” (upper-right in the tool's window) to discover what science Hubble is doing and the instruments the observation is using.

Note that the sky map showing the target’s location uses imagery from ground-based telescopes, not imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, and CDS.