Earth Science Advisory Committee

The Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) is a new FACA committee of NASA, and replaces the Earth Science Subcommittee of the NAC SC. 


ESAC Members

  • Marshall Shepherd; Chair - University of Georgia
  • Roland Burgmann - University of California, Berkeley
  • Andrew Dessler - Texas A&M University
  • Thomas Herring - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ian Joughin - Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Ray Schmitt - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Anastasia Romanou - Columbia University
  • Colleen Mouw - University of Rhode Island
  • Daven Henze - University of Colorado
  • Jasmeet Judge - University of Florida
  • Lucy Hutyra - Boston University
  • Nancy Glenn - Boise State University
  • Sara Tucker - Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
  • Ying Fan Reinfelder - Rutgers University


The ESAC supports the advisory needs of the Earth Science Division (ESD), the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and other mission directorates as required, and NASA Administrator.  The scope of the ESAC includes the advancement of scientific knowledge of the Earth system through space-based observation and the pioneering use of these observations in conjunction with process studies, data assimilation and modeling to provide the Nation with improved capability to: predict climate variability, global change, and weather; mitigate and respond to natural hazards; and improve the scientific basis for policy decisions.  In addition to observations and scientific research, the scope encompasses the development of computing and information management capabilities and other enabling technologies, including those with the potential to improve future operational satellite and ground systems.

ESAC Meeting Documents

October, 2020 (Telecon)


March 10-11, 2020


November 14, 2019 (Telecon)


October 4, 2018 (Telecon)


May 29, 2018 (Telecon)


March 14-15, 2018


January 24-25, 2018 (CANCELLED)


October 27, 2017


October 2, 2017


Please direct questions regarding the Earth Science Advisory Committee to Lucia Tsaoussi, Executive Secretary.

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