Templates for Earth Science Division (Appendix A) ROSES proposals

Summary Table of Work Effort and Current and Pending support

Some Earth Science ROSES program elements (CMS, Biodiv, GEDI ST...) strongly recommend the use of these standard templates for the Summary Table of Work Effort and Current and Pending Support (fifth and sixth components of your proposal, see Table 1 of ROSES). Below you may download these templates in a single file. They are available in three different formats. If you have questions about these templates you may direct those to Keith Gaddis at keith.gaddis@nasa.gov.


Required Cost Share Tables for A.40 Ecological Conservation

ROSES-2022 A.40 Ecological Conservation is one of the very rare cases where cost sharing is required. Proposals to ROSES-2022 A.40 Ecological Conservation must include these two Required Cost Share Tables (Financial Contribution and Proportional Contribution) to document end-user/partner cost share. Failure to include these two tables will result in NASA’s not submitting a proposal for peer review. These tables should appear in the separately uploaded “Total Budget” PDF. Please refer to the text of ROSES-2022 A.40 Ecological Conservation for more information.

Please direct questions or corrections on this page to SARA@nasa.gov