NASA Postdoc Program

The NASA Postdoctoral Program, Support Contractors, Key NASA Personnel

For about 15 years, the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) at NASA Headquarters has collaborated with 1) other Mission Directorates (Aeronautics, Technology, etc.); 2) Headquarters’ Offices; 3) NASA Centers; 4) the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL); and 5) beyond-NASA, non-federal organizations, to monitor contractors, i.e., Universities Space Research Association (USRA) or Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), who support the day-to-day operations for the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP).

NASA periodically competes NPP support, and the most recent Request for Proposals, Source Selection Statement, etc., for solicitation number: 80HQTR20R0013 entitled “Final RFP NASA Postdoctoral Program-2 (NPP-2)” may be downloaded from The NPP contract provides: 1) Materials, facilities, supplies, administrative support, programmatic support, and expertise necessary to promote and administer the NASA Postdoctoral Research Program (NPRP) and the NASA Postdoctoral Management Program (NPMP);  2) Foreign National employment expertise;  3) Online Web services creation, improvement, and design;  4) Development and maintenance of online applications;  5)  In depth participant tracking and accounting;  and 6) Administration of an efficient, professional, and fair selection process.

While NASA has announced the selection of a new, i.e., NPP-2 contractor, the correct effective date for the new contract with ORAU is on or about January 30, 2022 A 90-day transition began on November 1, 2021, and the current support contractor (USRA), or NPP-1, continues to support current and prospective Fellows through this transition. Please visit the NPP-1 website for details about program eligibility, features, etc.

Emails for Key NASA Personnel for NPP-1 and NPP-2

Other Key NASA Points of Contact
Listed Alphabetically by Name of the Center, Host Site, Funding Program, or Mission Directorate

Center, Funding
Program or Mission

Representative Name
with Linked Email

Affiliate (if any)

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

Karen Rugg


Ames Research Center (ARC)

Estelle Dodson

Caroline To

Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)



Astrobiology Program

Mary Voytek

Melissa Kirven-Brooks

Glenn Research Center (GRC)

M. David Kankam


Goddard Space Flight Center (includes the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Wallops Flight Facility) (GSFC)


Blanche Meeson


Dale Clarke

ESDMD/SOMD (includes Exploration Systems Development & Space Operations Mission Directorates)

Bette Siegel


Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Rowena Dineros

Sophia Hong and Gloria Nguyen

Johnson Space Center (JSC)

Justin Simon


Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Jose Nunez

Grace K. Johnson

Langley Research Center (LaRC)

Kathleen C. Powell

Allen Larar

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

Shelia Nash-Stevenson

Caleb Fassett or Michael Goodman

Science Mission Directorate @HQ (SMD)

Marian R. Norris

Mary F. Sladek

Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI)

Sarah Noble

Kristina Gibbs

Space Biology Program (Part of SMD)

Sharmila Bhattacharya

Mary Walsh

Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)

Robert Yang


Stennis Space Center (SSC)

Mitch Krell


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