Dream Job

“It’s important to remind ourselves that we have the most glorious jobs in the world. We are all paid to figure out how the universe began and how it evolves. We’re paid to try to figure out how the night sky, full of galaxies and stars and planets, came to be. And we’re paid to try to find life elsewhere in the universe. What could be better than that?” 

–Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics Division

Frank Barnet

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Lauren Farmer

Citizen Scientist / Polar Guide

Steven Silverberg

Postdoctoral Associate

Michael Hunnekuhl

Citizen Scientist / Physicist

Annette Bombosch

Citizen Scientist / Polar Guide

Frank Kiwy

Frank Kiwy

Citizen Scientist / Senior Software Developer

Elizabeth MacDonald

Space Physicist

Katharina Doll

Citizen Scientist / University Research Assistant

Christy Turner

Citizen Scientist / Technical Business Analyst / Professional Photographer

Melina Thévenot

Citizen Scientist

Michael A. Capraro

Citizen Scientist/Chemical Engineer (Retired)

Ambarish Ganguly

Citizen Scientist / IT Professional

Guillaume Colin

Citizen Scientist / Pulmonologist

Joshua "Josh" Hamilton

Citizen Scientist / Director of Adult Faith Formation