Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowships in Astrophysics for Early Career Researchers

The goals of the Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship in Astrophysics (typically referred to as the Roman Technology Fellowship) program are to give early career researchers the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to lead astrophysics flight instrumentation development projects and become principal investigators (PIs) of future astrophysics missions; to develop innovative technologies that have the potential to enable major scientific breakthroughs; and to foster new talent by putting early-career instrument builders on a trajectory towards long-term positions.

Proposals for the Roman Technology Fellowship are solicited through both the Astrophysics Research and Analysis (APRA) and Strategic Astrophysics Technology (SAT) program elements of the Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) solicitation. Proposals for Fellowship funds may now be submitted by RTF fellows at any time within two years from the date the RTF-related APRA proposal is selected. Information regarding ROSES and the Roman Technology Fellowship solicitation can be found on the NSPIRES web site.

Roman Technology Fellowship 2022 Fellows

Briana Indahl
University of Colorado/Boulder
Jordan Wheeler 
National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder
Michael Bottom
University of Hawaii

Roman Technology Fellowship 2021 Fellows

Brandon Chalifoux
University of Arizona
Jake Connors
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder
Sona Hosseini
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Christopher Mendillo
University of Massachusetts
Jonathan Pober
Brown University
Paul Szypryt
University of Colorado/Boulder

Roman Technology Fellowship 2020 Fellows

Casey DeRoo
University of Iowa
Keri Hoadley
University of Iowa
Dmitry Vorobiev
University of Colorado/Boulder

Roman Technology Fellowship 2019 Fellows

No Solicitation in 2019

Roman Technology Fellowship 2018 Fellows

Regina Caputo
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Gregory Mace
University of Texas, Austin
Sarah Heine
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Roman Technology Fellowship 2017 Fellows

Manel Errando
Washington University, St. Louis
Adam McCaughan
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder
Varun Verma
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder

Roman Technology Fellowship 2016 Fellows

Abigail Vieregg
University of Chicago
Omid Noroozian
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Roman Technology Fellowship 2015 Fellows

Erika Hamden
California Institute of Technology
Daniel Cunnane
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Eric Schindhelm
Southwest Research Institute

Roman Technology Fellowship 2014 Fellows

John Conklin
University of Florida
Brian Fleming
University of Colorado
Tyler Groff
Princeton University

Roman Technology Fellowship 2013 Fellows

No Solicitation in 2013

Roman Technology Fellowship 2012 Fellows

Cullen Blake
University of Pennsylvania
Kevin France
University of Colorado

Roman Technology Fellowship 2011 Fellows

Judd Bowman
Arizona State University
Michael McElwain
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Randall McEntaffer
University of Iowa

For questions about the Roman Technology Fellowships, please contact Mario R. Perez at

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